Micro Cement and Venetian designs

Beautiful Italian mable wall and features

Marbled Venetian plaster by RamEco ltd in shades of purple

Your house is your home and how it looks and feels effects your well being. Using beautiful designs and the finest Italian materials, RamEco of Grimsby, using Artisan techniques and flair will transform your walls or features and tastefully bring luxury to your home. If you love polished plaster, stucco or venetian plaster,  

Modern and classy Artistic finishes

Micro Cement, ideal for wet rooms, counter tops or almost anything else you could imagine

Micro cement can be used on almost any surface and can be used for a vast range of design ideas, from shower trays to floors or counter top finishes. Full wet rooms with no grout lines for a clean modern finish

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Choice of colours for polished plaster and micro cement in Grimsby

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